Dental FAQ

1. What is root canal therapy

Sometimes damage or injury happens to tooth, which leads to crack and the internal part gets infected. It damages the tooth pulp, blood vessels network and the nerves in it which needs to be treated with cleaning, shaping, filling and later sealing by an experienced Endodontist.

2. What is Gingivitis

It is an infection caused within the gums by the bacteria found mainly in plaque. If not treated may spread to the primary bone which supports and secures the teeth.

3. How Should I Prevent Gum disease

The best way to prevent gum disease is by removing the plaque by brushing, flossing or through a professional cleaning which for sure will minimize the risk.

4. What is Periodontal Treatment?

In the initial situation of gum disease, there involves proper scaling and root planning and the process mainly aims at the removal of calculus and plaque from the tooth surface next to the gum tissue.

5. What is the reason for Bad breath?

Bad breath is due to intake of particular food items, gum disease, consuming of tobacco products, any medical disorder, dry mouth or poor oral hygiene. When the bacteria gather with gum disease, it results to bad breath and can be treated with proper dentist consultation.

6. How Should I Clean My Teeth?

It varies from person to person and basically advised to get cleaned twice in a year by a professional dentist. The main purpose is the decay caused by the bacteria damages the tooth and must to be removed within the base period for good oral health.

7. How Frequently Should I visit my Dentist?

Adults and children need to go for a check-up twice in a year to be free from dental problems and mainly smokers, diabetics and pregnant women need to be more frequent for the dental checkups to avoid sudden tooth ache midnight.

8. What is the Whitening Process in Dental Treatment?

It is a process in which a researched material of Carbamide peroxide is used to soak into the tooth. It removes all the stains and changes the color of the tooth with the best oxidation process.

9. What are the Equipments used in Dentistry?

Dentistry applies the use of modern equipments and use of latest and advanced treatment options which are approved internationally and used in implants, cosmetic procedure, lingual orthodontics and other treatments.

10. What is a Denture?

It is a removable replacement for the adjacent tissues and missing teeth and made of acrylic resin to work like teeth and enjoy healthy chewing.

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